Palmos Multi Section Debugging for Palm OS Developer Suite 0.1.1

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README for PalmOS multi-section debugging for PODS-0.1.1 ----------------------------------------------------------- This zip archive contains a drop-in replacement for the 68k gdb debugger (pmgdb.exe) in PODS-0.1.1. It merges the PODS specific changes as published by Keith Rollin (see prc-tools patches) with my multi-section debugger patches. To use it in PODS you first have to install my multi-section debugging binaries for prc-tools (MsectGdb). If you do not replace the assembler (2 places), linker and multigen in your PODS installation you will get problems with the symboltable in the linker output. Then replace pmgdb.exe with the one from this zip archive. If you run this pmgdb stand-alone it identifies itself as: GNU gdb 5.3 +patches:prc-tools-2.3;palmsource-0.0.1r;tvo-20040406 In addition to Keith Rollin's changes there are 3 additional ones: - At startup pmgdb logs how it was called in a file gdbstart.log in the current directory. - The MI cd command has been modified to allow its argument to be enclosed in quotes (""). This is how eclipse uses the cd command. In later versions of cdt (1.2.1) this caused an exception. - The MI disas command was fixed to force the memory to be read from the target instead of from the linker output file. With this change the disassembly view in the eclipse debug perspective works. Also with these changes you can copy the PalmSource plugins and features to your own eclipse installation and it will work. I am running it with eclipse 2.1.3 and cdt 1.2.1 downloaded from Files included: README this file Readme_Keith_Rollin.txt Keith Rollin's original readme. cli-cmds.c.diff Diff for cd command fix gdb.c.diff Diff for gdbstart.log mi-cmd-disas.c.diff Diff for disas command remote-palmos.c.diff Diff against prc-tools-2.3 remote-palmos.c remote-palmos.c.msect.diff Diff against my Msect version Guess ... pmgdb.exe The replacement binary. Enjoy Ton van Overbeek, 2004-04-06